Who is this girl?

Being a new mom, I have found that my life is literally a series of comical events. Naturally I feel it's imperative to share our story in hopes of giving other moms a good laugh and find some comradery! I spent hours scrolling through blogs and Instagram to become a professional mom before Nash was born, which left me feeling, like, a billion lightyears behind (surprise surprise). Currently, I spend most of my days with no makeup on, covered in breast milk, and eating crumbs from last nights dinner making it look easy (smirk face emoji). The dream am I right (it actually is)?! What I have learned so far: each pregnancy, delivery, mom, baby, and lifestyle is SO DIFFERENT. I will always aspire to be like my MCMs (mom crush Monday) on Instaglam (not a typo), but I feel so much better knowing 100% of those moms have been peed on and feared post partum pooping like I have. This is just my story! Keeping the new mom struggles light by laughing at most of these fleeting moments. I will be here keeping it REEL (my last names allows for some REEL good puns) documenting this whirlwind life and will be pumped if you want to keep on reading/following/sharing/liking/all that other good stuff. A little about me: I am 28 years old and living in my small home town with my husband DJ, our son Nash, and our fluffy border collie Trixie